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Major Project Listing
1995 Hydrogen Production Plant
1996 Food Grade Oil Packaging Plant
1996 Hydrogen Production Plant
1997 Crush Plant Automation
1997 Deodorizer Process Plant
1997 Meal Prep Production Plant
1997 Hydrogen Production Plant
1998 Hydrogen Production Plant
1998 Extraction Process Plant
1999 Year 2000 Certification Team
1999 Flour Milling Support
1999 Rotor Assembly Machining
2000 MES Implementation Team
2000 Hydrogen Production Plant
2000 DSM Packaging Plant
2001 Hydrogen Production Plant
2002 Dry Corn Milling and Packaging Plant
2004 Flour Milling, Elevator, and Loadout
2006 Flour Blending and Loadout
2007 Corn and Flour Elevator, Milling and Loadout Plant
2008 Food Grade Oil Processing and Packaging Plant
2009 Bearing Temperature Monitoring Systems
2010 Medium Voltage MCC
2011 Food Grade Oil Processing Plant Expansion
2011 Flour Milling Plant Automation and MCC Addition
2012 Flour Blending and Packaging Facility
2013 Packaging and Batching Facility
2014 SAP Intergration
Continuous Support Listing
Food Grade Oil Refining and Bleaching Process
Food Grade Oil Packaging and Loadout
Hydrogen Production
Flour Elevator, Milling, and Loadout Process
Allen-Bradley PLC5 to ControlLogix Upgrades
Horizon Controls Inc. 
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